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Assets can be generated via the Asset factory. By only defining a volume you can create an entire asset that is ready to be inserted in to Craft's asset library.

$volume = Volume::factory()->create();

Note Any assets created during a test will be cleaned up and deleted after the test.

volume(string $handle)

Set the volume of the asset. Note: if you point this to a live volume that is in use in production then your test assets will go to your live volume that is in use in production.

Commonly, you will want to set this to an a temporary volume, that is only used in tests.

If you're using an older version of Craft that does not support swappable filesystems you can use the LocalVolumes trait to convert any S3 volumes in to local folder volumes during test.

Add the LocalVolumes trait to your Pest.php's uses() call like so,


folder(craft\models\VolumeFolder $folder)

Set the folder the asset should be created within.

source(string $source)

By default the Asset factory will create a 500x500 gray square. If, however, you'd like to upload an existing file you can specify the local path to the file via the ->source($path).