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Logging in

You can log in users for your test by using the ->actingAs method and it's companion ->actingAsAdmin method.

actingAs(markhuot\craftpest\factories\User|craft\web\User|callable|string|null $userOrName = NULL)

Acting as accepts a number of "user-like" identifiers to log in a user for the test. You may pass,

  1. A user factory, ->actingAs(User::factory())
  2. A user, ->actingAs(User::find()->id(1)->one())
  3. A string that may be a username or email address, ->actingAs('my_great_username')
  4. A callable that returns a User element, ->actingAs(fn () => $someUser)
  5. null to log the user out for the given request


For many tests the actual user doesn't matter, only that the user is an admin. This method will return a generic user with admin permissions. This is helpful for testing that something works, not whether the permissions for that thing are accurate. For more fine-tuned permission testing you should use ->actingAs() with a curated user element.

withToken(string $token)

For GQL requests (and other bearer token requests) you can set a token on the request by calling ->withToken() and passing a valid bearer token.